Cromwell Senior Center Transportation Service
Helpful hints to help us serve you better

We provide various transportation services for senior and disabled Cromwell residents, including dial-a-ride, shopping routes, transportation to senior center programs, and outtrips, Our transportation service is a first come, first serve service. In order to help us serve you better, the following tips may be useful.

1. Medical appointments are our priority. Transportation for Medical appointments may be requested up to two months before the appointment. We transport for both local and out-of-district appointments. We consider local appointments to be Cromwell, Middletown, and Rocky Hill. Out-of-district appointments could include Hartford, West Hartford, New Britain, Meriden, Glastonbury, or Farmington. These out-of-district appointments must be made at least two weeks ahead of time, and can be done only if our appointment schedule allows.

2. Any other appointments such as Beauty, Banking, or Personal Errands must be local appointments only, and should be made no earlier than one week before the appointment. 

3. Requests for transportation to Senior Center programs, Outtrips, or for our twice weekly grocery shopping route, must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

4. When using our transportation service, please be aware we may have to pick you up as early as 45 minutes before your appointment time. You may be asked to be ready even earlier if our schedule is busy. Our service is a curb-to-curb service, so you should be ready and looking for our vehicles. We have a few different vehicles but all are marked as belonging to the Town of Cromwell.   

5. Drivers will provide their cell phone number to contact when you are ready to come home from your appointment. If driver does not answer phone when you call for return ride, please leave a message on their voicemail giving your name, location and time of call and that you are ready for your ride home. The driver will get to you as soon as possible, however, please be aware that sometimes due to our busy schedule, you may have to wait. 

6. The phone number to call to schedule a ride is (860) 632-3451 or (860) 632-3447.