Flood Zone Information

The Connecticut Association of Land Surveyor, Inc. has made available a directory of firms that provide elevation certificates.  Residents who wish to have an elevation certificate for their property must contact a firm to perform the survey.  It is recommended that one or more Surveyors be interviewed.  The Town of Cromwell neither recommends or endorses any particular Surveying Firm(s). To view the list click here
For additional information from the Connecticut Association of Landsurveyor, Inc. you may visit their website by clicking here.
For additional information,
click here to be redirected to FEMA.

Below are the individual Flood Zone Maps.  They are also available on Town of Cromwell GIS site. Once you are on the GIS site to view the maps click on Themes.  At the bottom of the Theme list will be FEMA Flood Firms and FEMA Flood Zones  Click here to be directed to GIS.

Flood Zone Maps
Map 09007C00146                 Map 09007C0018G
Map 09007C0019G                Map 09007C0102G
Map 09007C0106G                Map 09007C0107G
Map 09007C0108G                Map 09007C0109G
Map 09007C0126G                Map 09007CIND0B