Special Needs

The Cromwell Police Department in conjunction with AT&T, in an effort to better serve the community, is providing the following downloadable form for 911 special needs individuals.
The term special needs is used to identify individuals who require assistance for disabilities that may be physical, emotional, or psychological.
This service will provide necessary information to the police department in case of an emergency.
If you wish to link your phone number with critical medical or disability information, please click below and follow the attached instructions.
Click here for the form to add your special needs to our 911.
In addition to the AT&T form, it is suggested you voluntarily contact the Cromwell Police Department to provide additional information for use during an emergency.
To supply this information please contact the Cromwell Police Department Emergency Communications Center by email or call 860-635-2256 ext 0. Please provide your name and a telephone number where you can be reached. An employee will contact you to gather pertinent information to be added to the Cromwell Police Department database.

Please be aware that the Cromwell Police Department has special envelopes available for drivers with hearing disabilities.

These envelopes are to aid you in the event that you are stopped by a police officer.

These envelopes are sponsored by the DMV and CPCA and may be obtained at the Police Department at any time.