Cromwell Restorative Youth Diversion (CRYD)

Cromwell's Juvenile Review Board
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Cromwell Restorative Youth Diversion (CRYD) is Cromwell's Juvenile Review Board (JRB) and a program of Cromwell Youth Services.

CRYD is a positive alternative to the juvenile justice system. CRYD operates from a Restorative framework and according to standards set by the Connecticut Youth Services Association. CRYD was formed in collaboration with Juvenile Court and Cromwell Police Department.

The CRYD team is made up of local professionals and community stakeholders. CRYD members work collaboratively with youth and their families to repair the harm done to relationships and the community by an incident that resulted in a court summons/misdemeanor arrest.

For more information about CRYD, please see the pamphlet below or contact Cromwell Youth Services at 860-632-3448.

CYSA Diversion Works Video
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