Rules & Regulations and Forms

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ALL residents must be current on property tax, personal property tax  and sewer user fees to purchase a Transfer Station pass. If a resident has paid deliquent fees/taxes, please provide receipt when purchasing the Transfer Station pass.

Residents must be checked in at the Transfer Station 15 minutes prior to close.
Check web site for seasonal hours

Rules & Regulations, as amended by the Town Council
Town Charter, Chapter 147, Recycling

Connecticut’s Public Act 13-42 (as amended) requires mattress manufacturers to create a statewide recycling program for mattresses and box springs discarded in the state. Mattress Recycling Center (MRC) developed and manages the program known as Bye Bye Mattress. MRC funds its Connecticut activities through a recycling fee collected from consumers when they buy a mattress or box spring.

For alternative disposal of demolition and bulky waste, CWPM offers those services.