Adoption Policy

New owners are screened to make sure proper care of the animal will take place. Making sure that both the new owner and the dog are right for each other is our utmost goal. 

The State of Connecticut has an Animal Population Control Program (APCP) in place CTGS 22-380e to 22-380m.

Any dog that is NOT spayed or neutered qualifies for this program. A voucher is given to the owner and it covers most of the cost of spaying or neutering and some of the required shots. The cost of this program is $50.00 ($45.00 APCP fee and a $5.00 municipal sale of pet fee).

Any dog that is spayed or neutered or if the new owner does not reside in the State of Connecticut does not qualify for this program. The fee for those dogs is $5.00 municipal sale of pet fee.

For more information about these programs please contact our office.

Dog Adoption Application
Cat Adoption Application