Vital Records

Marriage License:

Marriage licenses must be obtained in the town where the marriage ceremony is taking place. There are no premarital blood tests required. A valid photo ID is required when applying.

At the Town Clerk’s Office, both parties will fill out a marriage license worksheet (general information about each person, including their parents’ names/maiden names of their mothers, and the state or country of parents’ birth). The license will be typed while the applicants wait, and they will leave with their marriage license. The license is valid for 65 days from the time of application. The license fee is $30.00, which must be paid before the license can be taken. After the marriage, certified copies are available at the Town Clerk’s office in the town of occurrence, and subsequently in the towns of residence of both of the bride and groom. There is a $20.00 fee for certified copies.

Birth Certificates:

Birth Certificates are on file for anyone whose mother was residing in Cromwell at the time of the birth. Photo identifications must be presented when a request is made. If request is made by mail, a copy of the applicant’s photo identification must be attached. You may request a birth certificate for yourself, your child, grandchild, parent, grandparent or spouse. There is a $15.00 fee per certified copy for wallet size, and a $20.00 fee per certified copy for the long form.

Death Certificates:

Death Certificates are available from the Town Clerk’s Office for anyone who died in the Town of Cromwell, or who died in another Connecticut town, but was a resident of Cromwell at the time of their death. There is a $20.00 fee for certified copies. Burial Permits are available to funeral homes for a fee of $3.00. Cremation Permits fee is $3.00. Sub-registrar is Doolittle Funeral Home/Cromwell Funeral Home at 860-346-6464.