School Resource Officers


School Resource Officers

School Resource Officer Program:

The School Resource Officer (SRO) program is one of the steps in Community Oriented Policing. The SRO's are an asset to be used by the community and the school in an attempt to address situations in the lives of students in a forum other than the judicial system.

The school resource officer program is a nationally accepted program involving the placement of a certified police officer within the educational environment. The partnership between the school district and the Cromwell Police Department allows the SRO's to work closely with the school administration to provide a safe learning environment, law-related education, and the expertise of a trained police officer.

The SRO's are involved in a variety of functions:

  • As visible, active law enforcement figures in the school district dealing with any law-related issues.
  • As classroom, resource instructors in some of the following areas: law-related education, violence diffusion, safety programs, alcohol, and drug prevention, crime prevention and other related topics.
  • As members of the administration team working hand in hand to solve problems in the school community.
  • A resource for students which will enable them to be associated with police officers in the students environment.
  • As a resource to teachers, parents, and students on an individual basis dealing with individual problems or questions.
  • As a counseling resource in areas which affect the educational environment or of a law-related nature.

The SRO's are is a proactive approach to help today's youth cope with the pressures they find themselves having to confront.

The Cromwell School district has a unique situation in that the SRO's are available and are routinely seen in all four schools in the district. The SRO's are the DARE Instructors for the district and have implemented the DARE program in the fifth grade.

How can I contact my child's SRO?

Cromwell currently has two School Resource Officers. Officer Mitchell Brooks covers Cromwell Middle School (CMS) and Woodside Intermediate School (WIS) while Officer Peter Pietraroia covers Edna C. Stevens Elementary School (ECS)  and Cromwell High School (CHS).

Officer Brooks can be reached, during the school year, at CMS at (860)632-4853 ext.23420 or email Officer Brooks

Officer Pietraroia can be reached, during the school year, at CHS at (860)632-4841 ext. 24880 or email Officer Pietraroia

Both officers can be reached at the Cromwell Police Department by calling or emailing ...

Officer Mitchell Brooks
Tel: (860) 635-2256 x.7892
Officer Peter Pietraroia
Tel: (860) 635-2256 x.7881