Energy Assistance

The Cromwell Human Services Department acts as an intake site for energy assistance during the winter season. Please be aware that residents must apply every year! Liquid assets for homeowners is $10,000.00 and $7,000.00 for renters.

Proof of all current montly income for the four weeks previous to application date for all household members must be submitted. This includes Socail Security/SSI/SSD, Pension (must be 1099 or monthly stub, proof of direct deposit will not be allowed), wages, child support, help from family/friends, etc.

Name(s), birthdates(s), and social security number(s) of all household members. 

Electric bill (required for all applicants regardless of heat source), Gas Bill (if primary heat source) OR Oil Company name (if oil is primary heat source)

Rent Receipt or lease or Mortagage statement.

Most recent chcekcing, savings, stocks/bonds, CD/IRA Statements.  All pages

Applications for Energy Assistance are done by appointment only. Call Lisa Olson in Human Services at (860) 632-3449 to schedule an appointment.